What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?

College students, post-grads, research fellows, and anyone working in the field of science will need to consult research papers and other academic papers. Peer review is a process by which an author’s work is read over and scrutinized so that it can be classed as true and accurate. This is usually done by another author who is in the same field of work, such as nurse specialists or psychologists. Peer-reviewed journal articles have their benefits and are used for many purposes, including education. If you want to know more about peer-reviewed journal articles and their uses, read on for more information.

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Peer Reviewed Journals Articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles, which are also sometimes known as scholarly articles are written by researchers in a certain field or scholars. These articles are then read through in great detail to check that they are accurate, and this is done by experts in the given field before the article can be published. Peer-reviewed journals will contain peer-reviewed articles that are important and relevant to whichever journal they are being published in. Bentham Science is a good example of a publisher who prints more than 100 peer-reviewed journals, including science and medical journals.

Why Are Peer Reviewed Journal Articles Important?

Peer-reviewed journal articles are one way in which a publisher knows that a journal is relevant and credible enough to be published. Many articles will not be taken as seriously if they have not been peer-reviewed and often they cannot be used in other articles such as systematic reviews. It is incredibly important for other academics or scholars when searching for an article and knowing that an article has been checked by other experts means the work will be more accepted and reliable. Peer-reviewed journal articles are often used in medical school, for new doctors or nurses to find out more information about certain ways of working and procedures. There are many other advantages of these articles, click here to find out more.

How to Find Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

To be able to find a peer-reviewed journal article, you need to understand how to tell when an article has been peer reviewed. If you are an academic, often your school or university’s library will give you access to databases that are relevant to your field of study. On these databases, you can then search for articles that are peer reviewed. This only works for some databases though, such as MEDLINE. If there is not an option to do this, Ulrichsweb.com is an online tool which allows you to search for your article to check if it has been peer reviewed. If this method does not work, you will need to physically scan the article or journal to find out if it is peer-reviewed. If you have found an article from a certain journal, search for the journal online and you may easily be able to find that the journal is one that is peer-reviewed.

Peer-reviewed journal articles have their place in the world and they can be incredibly helpful to academics and other scholars.