A Modern Look with Traditional Quality for Your Home

Furniture is something that everyone needs for their home. It can be a lot of fun to choose different designs to fit in your rooms. In the past, traditional wooden furniture may have been passed down through the different generations. This type of furniture had a quality that is difficult to find today. There are, however, some great places that offer this old-time quality with a new modern twist. The styles can accent your home without overwhelming the space. Minimalist efforts show in the simple lines and functional pieces.


Seating is something that is needed in almost every room. The couch in the living room can be a big decision, especially if you are going for one with colour. Your entire décor may revolve around your couch. A modern look often involves a simple couch with legs that allow the floor to be seen under the couch. This gives the illusion of having more free space in the room. It also allows for better cleaning of the floor. Chairs for tables or desks may be more functional than aesthetic in some cases. There are, however, some excellent designs that add an artistic touch to a bedroom corner or your study. Furniture in Melbourne can be found at a variety of reputable locations.

The Bedroom

Bedroom furniture is the most common item to be passed down to family. Older furniture may be quite bulky. This is not consistent with the modern look. A simple platform bed can be a great asset to a minimalist bedroom. This simple approach can leave room for accessories or colourful bedding without forming an overwhelming aesthetic. Look for simple pieces for the bedroom made from quality materials. Solid wood is still important, however, the presentation is different.


There is often more than one table in a home meant for eating. It is common to have a breakfast table used for everyday meals, as well as a formal dining room. The formal dining room can be accented by a by a wooden table for a traditional look. Decorative chairs can add old-fashioned charm. A simpler approach may be to have a glass table top custom designed to fit your particular space. This makes cleanup and maintenance easier, as well. Upholstered chairs are now widely accepted in the formal dining room. These may not be practical for everyday life with kids and pets; however, they can be protected from stains with special treatments.

Your home should be a haven that you can retreat to after a long day. Take the time to choose pieces that make you feel at home. Quality wood pieces can last through several generations and still look beautiful. They can also be refinished to stay looking new. Simple pieces that serve a purpose can make your home look neat and clean, yet completely furnished.