Uses of Rhodiola herb

Rhodiola is also observed to help in treating the conditions that affect the quality of life, such as: decreasing the anxiety, improving memory, improving general cognition, improving muscle strength, eliminating fatigue and decreasing constipation and diarrhea. It is also known that the Rhodiola herb helps in improving stamina and is prescribed as a general tonic.

It is also common for the American athlete to use this supplement to boost the energy levels. Russia athletic coach Ben Rabchink, when emigrated to US, suggested the athletics to take this supplement to increase athletic stamina before the competition.

For Stress

When the human body is stressed, there are number of physical reactions that occur and cause the muscles to tighten up. As the stress prolongs the muscles cannot be relaxed and causes chronic pain. The tension would result in headache and the person experiences fatigue.

Rhodiola assists in reducing the physical reaction and thereby helping to relax in stress. It is shown to increase serotonin levels.

Due to stress many other body functions also can be affected such as: respiratory problems, gastrointestinal imbalances and cardiovascular issues. The imbalances causes panic attacks, asthma, heart problems and eating disorders.

Rhodiola also helps in restoring the balance of the immune system. The immune system also is affected in stress, since the body naturally helps in secretion of agents to heal the body due to stress but when the body is in constant stress that results in the continuous release of the agents, thereby affecting the body. Rhodiola helps in this situation by supporting the immune system.

Various varieties of Rhodiola

The are many varieties of Rhodiola, but the effects of most are limited due to different chemical composition of the herb. It would not mean that the plants have no medicinal value but some plants may have more value than the others.

The most valued Rhodiola is the Rhodiola Rosea that is found in the mountains of Siberia.The root of the plant contains Rosavin and Salidroside, these chemicals are vitally important in treating various conditions. The plant is considered of high value, since recently it was illegal to trade this plant outside Russian borders.

The name Rhodioal Rosea is attributed by botanist Carl Linnaeus. Earlier it was known as Rodia Riza.

Rhodiaola Rosea is noted to influence opioid peptide beta- endorphin, that lead to feelings of pleasure and well-being.

Buying Rhodiola herb supplement

Due to different varieties of species of the Rhodiola, it can be confusing to prospective purchasers. For example China, produces various Rhodiola products from various species of the plant. Though the supplements from other Rhodiola can be used to treat various conditions, it is only Rhodiola Rosea that is adaptogen.  It would mean the action is non- specific, that is the body can fight off the external stressors and prevent illness.

Rhodiola Rosea is available in tablet, capsule and extract form. It can be combined with other ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of mood regulation and energy levels. Rosavin and Salidroside are the main components to look for in the products. Standard compositions are 3% Rosavin and 1% Salidroside. All the above mentioned factors are to be considered while purchasing a Rhodiola product.