The Real Benefits of Playing Games Online: Everything You Need to Know

There will always be the naysayers, those who claim that the youth was much better off without this new age of computers, the Internet, and more specifically, online gaming. For those who enjoy the thrill of matching oneself against an opponent online in a game of fun and excitement, there’s good news: research studies have actually shown that online games have many beneficial attributes and are actually healthy. Yes, that’s right: online gaming is actually good for you! But why would they be beneficial? What are the advantages? Here’s a list of the real benefits of playing games online: everything you need to know.

Memory and cognitive skills

Problem-solving puzzles are interesting exercises that help improve the brain – that has been known for a long time. Finding the right games to play to improve memory and develop cognitive skills was often hard, but with the evolution of online games there is a plethora of easy to learn games that test your reasoning abilities and challenge your decision-making process. Both adults and children benefit from online gaming because areas of their brain that they usually don’t use in ordinary life are exercised. It’s a brain workout.

Social interaction

There is great benefit to be gained through cooperative play and social interaction. What makes online gaming so interesting is that you can be connected to people from all walks of life, from different parts of the world. The Internet has long been a vehicle for both casual and meaningful relationships.

Staying in touch

You don’t have to be connected to the whole world to play your favorite online games – often it’s pleasant to know your opponent on the other end is grandpa, who’s been dying to give you a lickin’ in an online chess game. It’s fun family time as well.

Health and recuperation

The great games of ancient times were known to ease the mind, relieve stress, and bring great entertainment value. Modern games are no different – and even add to it. Gamers have been documented to recover faster from illness or accidents than non-gamers.

Nobody’s arguing that going out in the park or on the sport field and playing games the traditional way isn’t beneficial for both mind and body – there needs to be a healthy balance. Physical activity and face-to-face interaction will never go out of style and brings great advantages, both mental and biological. But that doesn’t mean spending time in front of the computer, having a great time playing a favourite game and connecting to the world via the Internet is harmful. On the contrary – it’s got its proven benefits. You see someone playing a game online? Cheer him or her on and understand that it’s a healthy thing!