How to Safeguard your Credit Card Personal Details

Your credit card and personal loan details would be of great concern for you, as you do not want your personal information to be stolen from it. Identity theft has become a common problem for people. You may not know and someone would be having the time of his or her life at your expense. When you apply for credit card, you should be wary of your personal details being misused by the company. Therefore, you should ensure that the company has a proven record of providing good services to their customers. They should not provide your personal details to other people looking to contact you for selling or providing their product or services.

Safeguarding your personal details

You should safeguard your personal details from various scammers. In order to do so, you should be wary of providing your details to personal loan lenders. Before applying for personal loan from a company or financial institution, you should enquire about their reputation in the market. They should be a reliable and competent company dealing in the industry for a significant length of time.


Swiping of your card

If you were using your credit cards at petrol station, food joints and restaurants, you should not hand it over to the sales representative. Instead, you should ask for the swipe machine and get it done in front of you. Presently, smaller sized machines are easily available at various points. They may easily carry these machines and swipe the card in front of you. In this manner, they may not be able to know the card details. Therefore, chances of being duped may be minimized largely.

Not revealing your card details

It may not be a good idea to reveal the credit card details to anyone. Mostly, the scammers may use the credit card number, pin and CVV for online shopping. They do not even need the card for online transactions. You should hide it from everyone including your close friends. In addition, you may come to know about the fraud after your credit card statement reaches you. It would be imperative that you sign on the magnetic line on your credit card.

Keeping your CVV number secret

You cannot deny the fact that your online transaction may not be completed without entering your CVV details. It is located at the back of your credit card. You should keep it secret so that online frauds may be reduced. Usually, scammers use this information for online purchases.