Five Tips for Selecting Employee Uniforms

Selecting uniforms for corporate employees can be tricky, because most professionals prefer to wear their own clothes. However, if you manage a business that is customer-oriented, it is important for customers to be able to identify employees right away. Here are five tips for helping you to select uniforms for your employees.

Consider Employees as Individuals

It is important to remember that all employees are not the same size or shape. You should select uniforms that are available in a variety of sizes and cuts, so they fit a variety of body shapes. Employees wearing clothing that fits well are more confident, and there is a direct correlation between how they look in their uniforms and how well they perform on the job. Confident employees reflect well on the company too.


Select an Appropriate Style

The uniform style that you select should reflect your corporate culture, as well as make the employee feel good about it. The style of clothing chosen should reflect the formality that the employees will use when interacting with their customers. For instance, if you are managing an insurance agency, then the employees may be dressed more formally in slacks and a button-up shirt, while an employee selling electronics may wear a polo shirt with a pair of chinos.

Employee Uniforms1

Reinforce Brand with Colour

Along with the proper style, it is also important to choose uniforms in the best colour for your company. The colour you choose can help to reinforce your company’s brand, so you should choose whichever colours you use in your corporate logo for your uniforms as well. The colour of your corporate uniforms can also reflect the formality of your business. Navy or grey appears conservative, but lighter, bolder colours appear more youthful.

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Set Uniform Standards

After selecting the appropriate uniforms, you also need to set dress standards for work as well. Do this by informing your employees what type of shoes they are expected to wear with their uniforms, the appropriate amount and style of jewellery, how much makeup should be worn and what the appropriate types of hairstyles are for your business. A staff that looks smart and polished will be held in higher regard by customers, and they will feel confident as well.

Keep Uniforms Fresh

Help your employees stay looking sharp by making sure that worn or soiled uniforms are regularly replaced. Uniforms that look faded, are torn or have stains will reflect poorly on the employee and the business, so you will want to help your employees stay looking presentable by making it easier to replace their uniforms. Keep a supply of uniforms on hand in a variety of sizes, so you can immediately replace any items that are torn or stained.

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Whether it is in your store or office, having your employees wear uniforms will help identify them as being employed by your company. Your customers will immediately know whom they can turn to for help if they have questions, and uniforms can help boost employee morale.