Everything you need to know about Anavar – the Cycles, Injections and the Dosage

These days, market is filled with various kinds of supplements and drugs. These supplements are often used for various kinds of purposes. While some are used for medical purposes, many others are used in the field of bodybuilding and weight lifting. One of the best steroids available in the market is anavar.

Anavar is considered as the best one among most of the bodybuilders. This is because such steroids are not strong and does not cause any major side effects. The women body builders often consume them. For men best dose is 100mg 200mg a day. In this article, we will be talking all about anavar including cycles and dosage.

What are the certain facts about anavar cycles?

A steroid cycle will be a process of having that particular steroid for a period of time and a certain dosage. Here are certain facts about the anavar cycles for women and men –

  • The general cycle for anavar is for 6 weeks for all the people.
  • While the anavar steroids cycle for 6 weeks will allow the men to gain plenty of muscles during their bulking cycles. While for women, it helps them to maintain a fine body.

Since the steroids are oral, they are vastly consumed by women. It helps them to gain a firm body and enhance the strength. It is usually recommended that they should consume 10 -20 mg each day for about six weeks to gain the best benefits.


However, after completing the anavar cycle, every doctor recommends that the consumer must take a break from all the steroids for at least three weeks before starting a new cycle of steroids. One can even consider taking other kinds of steroids along with this cycle to gain more benefits.

How to stack anavar to have the best results?

These days, to gain the best results it is recommended that one must stack anavar along with other drugs. This stack can be consumed for a particular time period. However, it is has been noted that anavar results will largely depend on lifestyle of the consumer. Anavar is considered as the best steroid for men to lose some weight and gain a firmer body. In order to gain the best results, a person must combine anavar along with steroids like winstrol, primobolan and masteron.

These days, one can purchase anavar from various online websites, however, the authenticity can be questioned because many websites will try to sell you duplicate steroids.