5 Crazy Things about Bingo That You Might Not Aware of

Few subjects set the mind to serious matters as does the thought of playing Bingo especially. Mental images of somber players, their brows knit in concentration, their ears attentive for the next announcement, fill our heads when we hear the word. It is a common reaction, based on years of conditioning, that we give this subject such intense consideration. Many people are unaware that there are actually some very unusual facts lurking behind the game of Bingo that might shed a new light on the whole issue. However, if you can learn the basics of bingo game, you would not have to worry about anything. Visit some popular website like m88 to gather more information like this.

One of the more interesting tidbits of information about Bingo is the name itself. There is a popular belief that the name was adopted from a farmer who had a dog by that name, and the dog was somewhat of a whiz with numbers. He could count up to 75 by tapping his forepaws on the hardwood floor of Mrs. Farmer’s kitchen, his way of indicating how many dog biscuits he wanted that day. This is, of course, not true. Bingo was actually a cat who favored dog biscuits.

Another little known fact about Bingo is that it was invented by Thomas Edison. There are some people who mistakenly attribute its origin to Benjamin Franklin, but this is a fallacy. It was Edison who came up with the idea as he slaved over his worktable in New Jersey. Evidently, he was really bored one day, having no brilliant notions about doing anything productive or useful for humanity. He accidentally overturned a dish of M & M’s onto a sheet of paper containing miscellaneous tax figures when the neighboring farmer’s cat jumped up onto his desk. He shouted a few expletives before noticing an interesting pattern in the spilled candies. After some thought, he praised the cat for inspiring him with something to occupy his leisure time.

Bingo has been proven to cure dyspepsia. Nine out of ten regular Bingo players can now eat frozen pizza bites, chili mac and cheap hot dogs with no adverse digestive effects. There is no evidence to support the theory that Rolaids were being substituted for markers, although it is a distinct possibility.

Few people know, probably because it was never shown in the blockbuster movie, that the unfortunate passengers aboard Titanic were actively engaged in a huge Bingo tournament when the ill-fated ship hit the iceberg while on its maiden voyage. One of the amazing discoveries by divers exploring the wreckage was a number of tables laden with personalized wooden Bingo cards. Ceramic chips were floating all around the vicinity, but some were remarkably still in place on the cards. The cage containing a few brightly colored balls was overturned on the floor, but the chart of called numbers was fully intact on a table top. Evidently, Mollie Brown would have won a big jackpot had she not jumped ship.

Lastly, there is irrefutable proof that the Donner party played Bingo to while away the long, hungry hours awaiting their rescue. Scientists working in the area of their known camp have unearthed a layer of finger bones curiously arranged into a grid, and on further investigation, noticed the word “BINGO” scratched out of the hard earth above the five columns containing similarly scratched numbers. Small white stones were discovered within the squares of the grid; however there is no way of knowing who won the game.

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