4 Serotonin Deficiency Symptoms

If the level of serotonin regulates then it has effects both physically and mentally. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. Deficiency of this neurotransmitter leads to insomnia, anxiety, depression, obesity, migraines, fibromyalgia, weight gain, and PMS or pre-menstraul syndromes. Main symptoms of serotonin deficiency are mood swings, agitation, misplaced anxiety, inability to fall and stay asleep, excessive worrying, sugar cravings, fibromyalgia, decreased motivation, moderate to severe depression, fogginess, poor memory, inability to focus, and obsessive behavior.

Lack of exercise, stress, not enough vitamin D from sunlight, and poor diet are the main reasons behind developing deficiency. One can rely on supplements to balance serotonin deficiency. Before even becoming available or the brain, serotonin precursors may go through several stages like gastrointestinal tract and then platelets, and finally to central nervous system. The intermediate which converts into serotonin is called 5-HTP. It has been proved from many theories that supplementation of this will help in fighting serotonin deficiency.

Symptoms of Serotonin Deficiency:

The four main symptoms of serotonin deficiencies are depression, stress, weight gain, and insomnia.

Mood related disorders like bipolar disorders and depression can be resulted if there levels of serotonin are too low. There is a chance that one may develop snowball effect as well. Lifestyle triggers can also result in depression. Some of the triggers are sleep deprivation, stress, poor diet and inadequate diet. You may have a neurotransmitter deficiency too. In case of adults, by increasing the levels of 5-htp there will be reduction in symptoms of depression.

In one or other stages of life an individual has to experience stress while facing life’s difficulties. When the stress hormones are elevated this can lead to reduction of serotonin levels. Hence the body faces serotonin deficiency. The factors which may increase stress in an individual are inadequate exercises, hectic lifestyle, increased anxiety, and lack of sleep.

Obesity is the next undesired effect that will be caused by low serotonin levels in the body. This will be resulted in two ways. One is when there is low serotonin level, individual will feel less energetic and that leads to reduced activity and physical health. Other way is there be enhanced cravings that leads to more food intake and weight gain.

Sleep disturbances are one more symptom that indicates serotonin deficiency. An individual needs motivation to carry out daily functions. This will be provided by excitatory hormones like noradrenalin and dopamine. In the evening levels of these hormones will drop. At this point inhibitory hormones like serotonin should take the in charge. It’s their responsibility to prepare the body for sleep. If serotonin levels are at balanced state, then they will help in making the mind shut off and they have the ability to create a sense of relaxation and calmness. Melatonin is a neurotransmitter which is very much required for sleep. To release this neurotransmitter pineal gland uses serotonin. So if there is deficiency of serotonin that will regulate the levels of melatonin as well resulting in insomnia and other sleep disorders.